10 tips for beginners, Yoga with Gotta Joga 1. Watch the videos before practicing If you are a beginner in yoga, don’t hesitate to watch the videos once through before you start practicing. Keep repeating the lesson as many times as you want before moving on to the next one. Remember that practice is the… Read More

New Yoga Programs “Absolute Beginners 0” and “Absolute Beginners 1” We are excited to share with you new yoga programs: “Absolute Beginners 0” and “Absolute Beginners 1” with yoga teacher Anu Visuri. They are available if you update your “Yoga with Gotta Joga” app. Right on time for your summer holidays: we have launched new yoga classes for Absolute… Read More

         The essence of Yoga “That we are looking for is what is looking.” – Francis of Assisi The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, which means “unite” or “connect”. Therefore yoga is often translated as “unity” or “connection”. It is the awareness of the connection between mind, heart and body that gives… Read More

According to Ayurvedic tradition, as a result of weather conditions, each season is associated with a dosha, or energy that will have a natural tendency to grow in our bodies. The cold and stagnant winter has allowed two elements to build up in the nature: water and earth, energies that make up Kapha, the dominant… Read More

In the Gotta Joga app, there are now more than 100 yoga classes to choose from. They are organized in themed programs, such as Morning, Beginner or Core. Some programs may contain classes of different difficulty levels of yoga. In the latest  version of the Gotta Joga app (iOS 3.16 and Android 1.8) we have… Read More

February is a month full of fresh energy for good resolutions. We all want to change something in our lives: the food we eat, do more sports, spending less… Our resolutions are variable and motivating but, unfortunately, rarely last for very long. According to a study done in 2017 by Stanford University in the United… Read More

Often students ask me: “Do you think I have made any progress in my yoga practice?” I find this question difficult to answer. With the question the students are referring mainly to their asana practice, and of course I can see how their asana practice has evolved; how their breath has become deeper, how their… Read More

“It’s a happiness drawn from contentment with now.”  Anna Brones, author of Live Lagom We are continuing the voyage from the Danish Hygge to the Swedish Lagom: from the moments of cosiness and candles towards a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle of the Swedes. Lagom is Swedish meaning something like: Not too much, not too… Read More

We are already at the beginning of December! Christmas is fast approaching. Starting to think about the Christmas gifts to offer. For some of us, finding gift ideas has never been a problem. But for me, that’s not the case, it’s more of a headache. I would really like to please my loved ones. But… Read More