Keep your energy levels high!   Are your jawbones aching from continuous yawning? Are you falling asleep in the middle of a meeting? No amount of coffee can save you? And it is only 1pm? Gotta Joga’s Midday Sequence is a great wake-up call and it will get you out of your midday slump. The… Read More

la yoga box wishlist

Our friends in Paris have launched a monthly service of Yoga products called La Yoga Box (currently available in France only). You can subscribe to it for €29,99 from their website. We were lucky to get their September box for review! The idea of having yoga goodies every month sounds promising… Here our brief summary… Read More

During the last few months, we have received many yoga pictures from you, dear users of Gotta Joga app, our fans from Instagram and Facebook as well as ourselves the makers of Gotta Joga. Hope that you had great vacations and feel your batteries loaded and mind rested for the months to come! In this to share some… Read More