Gotta Yoga Poses changes the way we learn yoga

Today, Gotta Yoga App launches Poses on iOS to change the way we learn yoga.

Gotta Yoga Poses is a virtual yoga teacher with realtime personal guidance for yoga poses. Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Poses features 8 basic yoga postures (=asanas) to help beginners to learn correct alignment in yoga poses.

Using the iPhone front camera, Poses detects the users body position and key joints. It then gives audio guidance for the user to adjust their form. In the end there is a video of the practice available for viewing or sharing.

Gotta Yoga Poses concept was first developed during Apple Entrepreneur Camp for Female Founders, an Apple program supporting diversity in technology. Poses is using Apples Vision Framework that enables app developers to build apps for sports analysis. Vision Framework detects and classifies human activity in real time using computer vision and machine learning.

Gotta Yoga Poses is available in Gotta Yoga version 3.35 in the Apple App Store on May 12th, 2022.


About Gotta Yoga

Founders Maija Airas-Ceri and Claire Reynaud developed Gotta Yoga to bring professional yoga lessons to users to fit their everyday schedule. Made for beginners and up, the app analyzes yoga poses using the iPhone’s front camera and provides spoken guidance to help users adjust their form.

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