Durch Yoga habe ich gelernt, jeden Tag einen Augenblick des Glücks und Wohlbefindens in meinen Alltag zu integrieren. Vor einiger Zeit wollte ich wissen, welche anderen Dinge einen positiven Einfluss auf mein Leben haben könnten. Ich stamme aus Finnland und es hat mich erstaunt, dass die nordischen Länder im Glücksreport der Vereinten Nationen immer wieder… Read More

 Grâce au yoga, j’ai pu insérer un moment de bien-être et de bonheur dans ma vie quotidienne. Il y a quelque temps, j’ai commencé à m’intéresser à d’autres habitudes qui pourraient avoir une influence positive dans ma vie. Originaire de Finlande, j’ai été frappée par le fait que les pays nordiques occupent toujours les premiers… Read More

 Through yoga I have been able to insert a moment of feel good and happiness into my every day life. A while ago I got curious about other habits that could have a positive influence into my life. Originally from Finland, it has struck me how the Nordic countries always rank on top posts in… Read More

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Feel like relaxing by one of the 180 000 Finnish lakes ? Or going to music festivals in Denmark? How about jumping into a hot spring Iceland? Participating socially like the Swedes? Enjoy wealth and fjords of Norway? Scandinavian countries have some of the happiest people in the world according to World’s Happiness Report made for the 3rd… Read More

Winter lasts almost 6 months in Scandinavia. First snow falls often in October and stays until beginning of May. We have been innovative to make these long cold and dark months fun and staying happy until the lighter season reveals the nature and our true nature. What is Winter SAD? Winter SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).… Read More

Yoga to learn to know yourself – my name is Anu Visuri. I was born in Finland and now I am living in Munich, Germany. I have studied languages and pedagogy at the University of Turku in Finland. When I finished my studies I started to work as a language teacher in the middle school.… Read More

Sounds like a paradox, right? But, when you really think about the message of this saying, it does make a lot of sense. We human beings have wishes and targets we would like to make true and achieve in our lives. But when we stubbornly struggle to get that what we want, the life often… Read More

„Nothing is more certain than the present and that’s why we need to live in the moment“, my grandmother once said to me. This is easier said than done. We all experienced our thoughts dwelling in the past, in a time we now think was “the best time of our lives”. Or our mind wondering… Read More