Sounds like a paradox, right? But, when you really think about the message of this saying, it does make a lot of sense.

We human beings have wishes and targets we would like to make true and achieve in our lives. But when we stubbornly struggle to get that what we want, the life often becomes uptight. It’s like the bow and the arrow: The arrow can reach its target only when it is released. We keep the target in sight, we do not  give up, but we also need to let go to avoid the unnecessary tension in life, to create more space for our wishes and targets.

The fastest way to reach our goals is to let go. To let go of something we don’t need anymore.

Sometimes it’s not easy to see the unnecessary things or even unnecessary people in our lives, because we have gotten used to them. I once stayed in a bad relationship for over three years, even though the whole thing had had its end already after a year. But I stayed. I was just used to that person being next to me. When I finally realized I wasn’t happy in that relationship, I let go. I created space for my wish, for my happiness.  I closed one door, opened a new one and found what I was looking for. Letting go of something you think you need, might be the best thing you ever do in your entire life.

So, don’t give up, have goals and wishes, dream big, but remember to let go. Only then you will be able to remember the Big Picture again: What is important and what is totally unimportant. That way you arrive there in life where you always wanted to be.


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