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Winter lasts almost 6 months in Scandinavia. First snow falls often in October and stays until beginning of May. We have been innovative to make these long cold and dark months fun and staying happy until the lighter season reveals the nature and our true nature.

What is Winter SAD?
Winter SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD is a Winter depression that effects especially those living in the Nordic countries.

Winter SAD is caused by a biochemical imbalance because of lack of sunlight. The main symptoms are tiredness and oversleeping, fatigue, a craving for sugary foods, feelings of sadness, guilt and a loss of self-esteem, irritability, and avoiding social and physical contact. The Scandinavians are taught about this disorder in daily life, from family, in schools and by the government through TV campaigns.

Here are some tips and tricks for the winter months

– Vitamin D supplements

– natural lights lamps

exercice: sport, aerobic exercise in fresh air is the most efficient.

fresh air: getting out of the tightly isolated houses into fresh air, just walking on the snowy paths.

– fire


oatmeal for breakfast

omega-3 rich proteins like salmon or nuts/seeds,

dark, leafy greens are high in folate and magnesium, both of which are linked to serotonin production

– friends

– (summer) holiday planning

– winter evening activities

– the right clothing

– being aware and prepared


Doing exercise, especially yoga and pranayama helps you fight “winter blues”. Gotta Joga is your perfect partner that you can use to do your exercise within the warmth and candle light of your own home. You can always use a light box to enhance the effect!


“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

Some great articles about leading a happy winter:,,20447948_5,00.html

Humour  and more in Finnish):


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