10 tips for beginners, Yoga with Gotta Joga

10 tips for beginners, Yoga with Gotta Joga

1. Watch the videos before practicing

If you are a beginner in yoga, don’t hesitate to watch the videos once through before you start practicing. Keep repeating the lesson as many times as you want before moving on to the next one. Remember that practice is the most important thing, and only by practicing consistently can you gain a better understanding of yoga.


2. Use a yoga mat (non-slippery)

For practice you need a non-slippery yoga mat, a strap or belt that can help you to get into the poses, 2 blocks to reach the ground more easily if your body is stiff, and a blanket to stay more comfortable and with a neutral back when seated or to cover yourself in savasana.

3. Remember every human body is different

Be realistic and remember that every human body is different and that your position may differ from that of the video. Don’t worry about that!
Listen to your body and the teacher’s instructions for alternative ways for doing the poses.
When you need to take a break you can sit down or rest in the child’s pose for a while.

4. Be proud of the small steps

Try to always have a positive attitude and be proud of the small steps you are making during each practice.

5. Create a routine

Try to be constant in your practice and create a routine within the busy days that you might have. Only constant yoga practice will bring real benefits.

6. Change your practice regularly

Change your practice regularly so that you never get bored otherwise the risk to find excuses for not practicing and losing the routine increases. Only by variable yoga practice will you achieve continuous physical and mental improvements.

7. Breath

Always let your breath guide your yoga practice and never try to hold it. If a position is too difficult and leads you to hold your breath, look for a simpler variant that allows your breath to flow fluently.


8. Listen to your body

Always listen to your body. As a beginner you might feel the temptation to try too difficult poses with the risk of injury. Instead, be guided by your own body and  this way will you achieve improvements. Self awareness is the key here.


9. Focus on your core

Focus on your core. A strong core allows you to practice more easily. Being the center of your body, your core is involved in virtually every movement we make. The stronger the core, the lower the risk of injury.

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10. Be patient and enjoy your yoga journey

To improve in your yoga practice, don’t hurry. Our day is always marked by rush but while practicing yoga try to abandon this habit and take your time. Try to be patient before forcing yourself to the perfect position and remember to relax after each class.


Thank you for practicing yoga with Gotta Joga!

The Gotta Joga team

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