According to Ayurvedic tradition, as a result of weather conditions, each season is associated with a dosha, or energy that will have a natural tendency to grow in our bodies.

The cold and stagnant winter has allowed two elements to build up in the nature:

water and earth, energies that make up Kapha, the dominant dosha in the spring.


In nature, it is easy to notice these characteristics with the often cold, heavy and wet spring wind. It is a wind that invites us to awaken to the new season.

In our bodies, the Kapha wind provides us with energy and hydration, which helps to lubricate our organs and joints.


If Kapha has been accumulating in excess during the winter time, with the arrival of spring your body will show some signs of imbalance:

  • Feeling of anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Excess secretions (nasal congestion, flu, cough)
  • Constipation
  • Allergies
  • Acne


To cure them, or simply to ensure that the Kapha energy will stay in balance throughout the spring time, here are some tips on nutrition and well-being:

  • Stay attentive to your body. As temperatures become warmer, our bodies need change: the rich and dense foods of winter no longer appeal to us and the urge to move more is can be felt.

Pay attention to these signs, as they show that your body is trying to synchronize with nature.


  • Activate your digestive system with the help of certain foods such as ginger, fennel, basil or pepper.
  • Balance your Kapha energy by favouring the following flavors:


  • Bitter tastes with ingredients such as turmeric, cabbage, chicory or lettuce.
  • Astringent tastes with foods such as lemon, raspberries, spinach, celery or arugula.
  • Spicy flavours with ingredients such as rosemary, oregano, mustard, cumin, cinnamon, ginger or cayenne pepper.

Avoid drinks that are too hot or too cold and prefer water at room temperature.

Recharge your energy and boost your vitamin D levels by taking walks in the nature, or by doing physical activity outdoors.

Join the happiness of spring with a morning routine that will help you activate your good mood: a yoga session, a little meditation, soft music or a little dance.


Remember that spring is a time of gentleness and rebirth!

By establishing all these spring habits, your body will be in harmony with the nature, and you will help to cleanse and harmonize your body and mind.

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Adriana Aranzábal

Health Coach

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