In the Gotta Joga app, there are now more than 100 yoga classes to choose from. They are organized in themed programs, such as Morning, Beginner or Core.

Some programs may contain classes of different difficulty levels of yoga.

In the latest  version of the Gotta Joga app (iOS 3.16 and Android 1.8) we have added the difficulty level of each yoga class.

Here is a short introduction helping you  select a class that may suit you best.


The classes are divided in 4 different levels:

Level 0 = Absolute Beginner

Level 1 = Sporty Beginner

Level 2 = Intermediate,  practices yoga regularly

Level 3 = Advanced Yogin(i)

In addition there are some classes marked as “For All”, such as mantras, pranayamas (breathing exercises) or meditations.


Level 0 classes:

If you are a true beginner in yoga, or not actually doing much physical activity, these classes are made for you. You can be stiff, without muscular power or overweight, don’t worry. These classes have a low tempo, and the poses are explained in detail for you to learn the correct alignment of your body. You will learn to sync the poses to your breathing, and slowly enter in the world of yoga practice.

You will learn to know and feel your body, start building strength. Watch the video once before practicing if you wish. And if you feel tired, don’t hesitate to rest in Child’s pose.

Get started with our Absolute Beginner 0.0 Program or look for classes marked with level 0.

Level 1 classes:

These are also beginner classes, but they require that you are doing some physical activity. Or that you have done some yoga classes, so that you are familiar with the basic postures.

Start with our Beginner Program, with 6 short exercises to familiarize yourself, or repeat the basis poses from down dog to tree.

A good fitness check is to walk up the stairs up to the 3rd floor. Does it feel ok? Then you are ok to practice level 1 classes.

You continue learning to feel and know your body, while practicing in the rhythm of your breath. Little by little, your strength and flexibility start improving. Your spine becomes straighter, and you start feeling calmer from inside.

We hold the poses a little bit longer, combine them with other poses into yoga flows, and start learning the sanskrit names oft he poses.

It is always good to return to level 1 classes (even for us seasoned yogis), to repeat the alignment of the basic poses that you continue to repeat in all yoga sequences.


Level 2 classes:

These are intermediate yoga classes, requiring a certain familiarity with yoga. We recommend them after you have practiced regularly for some months, maybe a year, depending on your frequency of practice.

The classes start getting longer in length and include some more difficult or strenuous poses.

You will start learning more rare poses such as Koundinasana Prep, Natarajasana or Vasisthasana variations. You will get familiar with the Sanskrit names of the yoga poses.


Level 3 class:

Theses classes are meant for advanced yogin(i)s. Some of the classes are long, up to 100 minutes which require some endurance! You will be moving into headstands, handstands and stronger backbends.

We recommend these classes for students who, parallel to their home practice, also go to a real yoga studio with a yoga teacher, and learn the correct alignment in the poses.

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to practice level 3 classes of Gotta Joga. If you feel ready, try these classes and if there is a pose that is too challenging for you, you can try it again another day!

For All:

This category of practices include mantras and meditations that are for all yogin(i)s.

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