February is a month full of fresh energy for good resolutions. We all want to change something in our lives: the food we eat, do more sports, spending less…

Our resolutions are variable and motivating but, unfortunately, rarely last for very long.

According to a study done in 2017 by Stanford University in the United States, amongst those who wanted to improve their diet, 40% quit within 3 weeks, 20% within 6 weeks, and only 8% managed to achieve their goals….

For me, the reason is simple: we do not have a clear and deep enough intention to change  (weight loss in itself should never be an intention), and we do not have a concrete and organized plan to achieve the change.

Without these two elements, it is obvious that the changes in everyday life cannot be profound. We will eventually come back on autopilot when cooking or shopping.

To be able to shine all year round, I advise you to forget too complicated resolutions, and to focus your attention on the little habits that fill your daily life.

Identify the ones you want to change, and change them one by one, so that you can make the change over time.

If, for example, you start your day with just one cup of coffee, you can begin by addressing this “bad habit”.

Now focus your attention on this habit by looking for other breakfast options (e.g. pre-cut fruit, a smoothie, a porridge prepared the day before)

Once you have fully integrated this new positive habit into your daily life, move on to another one.

You can change two or three habits at the same time, not more. Otherwise, the risk is to find the change too complicated, to feel frustrated or tired, and to want to drop everything quickly.

To help you even more, here are some simple habits you can integrate into your life, to improve your diet and well-being:

  • Always add a serving of vegetables to your dinner to increase your nutrient intake.
  • Drink a large glass of filtered water before breakfast to cleanse your digestive system.
  • Replace one of the coffees of the day with a green tea, richer in antioxidants.
  • Eat occasionally with your left hand to awaken your mindfulness.
  • Replace a portion of animal protein of the week with a portion of vegetables proteins.

Every day of this new year is a great opportunity, a new beginning, to eat better, but also and above all to reconnect with yourself, to love your body and to enjoy your life!

Wishing you a very nice year 2019!

More holistic nutritional advice and to access my guided meditations or online programs, feel free to visit my website www.couleurbienetre.com or on social networks:@couleurbienetre

Adriana Aranzábal

Health Coach

Nutrition & Santé Holistique ° Méditation ° Bien-être


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