Sequence 4: Standing

3 new yoga classes in our “Absolute Beginners 1” program

We are very happy to share 3 new yoga classes with you. You will find them in our “Absolute Beginners 1” program, with yoga teacher Anu Visuri.

Sequences 4, 5, and 6 (Standing, Grounding and Dynamic) are available if you update your “Yoga with Gotta Joga” app.

If you are an absolute beginner, get started with the “Absolute Beginners 0” FREE yoga program (select beginner as your level). Then continue to learn yoga with our “Absolute Beginners 1” program where we have added 3 new practices: Standing, Grounding and Dynamic.

Every sequence begins with a warm-up of the body by doing some rounds of sun salutations to make your joints more supple for the yoga practice.

4. Standing

In this 20 minutes Standing yoga class you will be activating your hips by rotating them externally. You will stretch the insides of your thighs. You will learn lizard pose, stretching your hips and thighs. You will then move on to Warrior II (Virabadrasana II), a bold standing pose enhancing force, stability and concentration. In the end you will come to the ground, seating in Tarasana, an easy hip opener. keeping the soles of the feet together and dropping the knees to the sides.

Recommended props: 2 blocks and a blanket


Sequence 5: Grounding

5. Grounding

You will practice seated yoga poses in this 23 minute sequence, feeling the grounding effect of the poses. Feel the foundation through your pelvis and legs grounding to the earth. You will learn to do a squat (Malasana). You can use a block under your seat if the full pose is too much for your body. Malasana stretches your back, groins and ankles. You will move onto half seated forward fold (Ardha Paschimottanasana) stretching the whole rear side of your body: legs and your back. We will learn the continuation of Tarasana (from sequence 4) called butterfly pose (Buddha Konasana) where you bring the heels of your feet closer to your groin stretching your inner thighs.

Recommended props: 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket


Sequence 6: Dynamic

6. Dynamic

In this final class of the Absolute beginner 1.0 yoga program you will be combining standing and seated poses that you already know. We will also learn some new poses during this 33 minutes yoga class. This practice is more dynamic and faster than what you have been doing until now. We are learning tree pose, Vrksasana. Tree pose is a balancing pose strengthening your legs and abdomen. If you feel unstable, do this pose close to a wall. If you are looking for more challenge, you can try to close your eyes.

Recommended props: 2 blocks, a blanket and a strap. Wall space.


Remember that every body is different! Your yoga pose might not look like the one on the video and that’s fully ok. Your left and right side might be different and that’s ok too. Have you props (blocks, blanket and strap) close by and use them to modify the poses are guided in the videos.

Enjoy your summer holiday with these 3 new yoga classes to accompany you wherever you might be.

Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback e.g. by sending us an e-mail to We  would be happy to reply your questions!

Happy yoga with Gotta Joga!
The Gotta Joga Team

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