Core can be a tricky thing in yoga. Doing core strengthening exercises at yoga always feels very fitness oriented, leading to think about six pack- or bikini body workouts.

There is fire (Agni) in the belly, core exercises easily fire up your body. Core exercises awake the awareness of Stambha, which means pillar in Sanskrit. Being steady and strong also evokes a sense of confidence in us. A strong core boosts up our self-confidence and encourages in stepping out of our comfort zones.

There are many benefits of doing core strengthening exercises:

  1. Core stabilises the spine and allows the rest of the body to move. It is crucial to keep your core as strong and stable as possible. A strong core will reduce injuries (especially back injuries), improve posture, increase balance and stability and even aid in digestion.

2. Practicing  core in yoga, helps to build underlying muscles that are strong, stable and flexible. Not to mention about working away the bad fat that gathers around your waist (see our article on nutrition for a healthy core).

Core corresponds to a certain ease in yoga while introducing strength. It informs every other pose and represents evolution in our yoga practice.

The new Gotta Joga core strength class 6 is a complete yoga class. It is targeted to yogi(s) who have already practiced yoga. It completes the core yoga program introduced earlier. (Available on iPhone version 3.6)

The class will first make us feel rooted, then we’ll be trying our our wings on a couple of playful arm balancing poses.


The Gotta Joga complete core class 6 (80min)  starts with a meditative introduction, then firing up your core, opening the back and warming up the whole body in sun salutation variations. Continuing with core strengthening boat poses, Anjanyasana, Parsvakonasana and a chair pose. Including the arms in an L-handstand, crow pose (Bakasana) and Side crow pose (parsva bakasana). After the fire and arm balances, the core and back will be released in abridge pose, a twist on your back as well as  happy baby; not forgetting the final relaxation in savasana.


Enjoy strengthening your core and confidence with Gotta Joga full core strength class number 6.


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