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Photo: Billion Photos/Shutterstock

Back from holidays? Does your stomach look fluffy after the lazy days on the beach or the late dinners with your family and friends?

In your Gotta Joga app, there is a new “Core Strength” Yoga Program waiting for you.

With five (5) different 10-15 minutes sequences you can train your deep core, improve your posture and feel good. Ultimately core strength helps you gain confidence on your yoga mat as well as in your everyday life.



What is core strength?

Strong core helps you stand straighter, keep your balance, breathe deeper, do yoga poses (pilates etc.) easier, avoid lower back pain by strengthening the deep spine muscles and perform daily tasks effortless like bending over to tie your shoes.


What is core?

The core, better the deep core, is actually made out of more than just the abdominal muscles: Transversus Abdominis (the deepest layer), internal and the external Obliques (the side abs) and the Rectus Abdominis (the six-pack muscle). The deep core includes muscles of the Pelvic Floor, muscles of the spine and even the Diaphragm. Also the deep hip flexor, Psoas, is a part of the deep core. The six-pack is the most superficial of the abdominal muscles and looks really good, but the deep core muscles are the ones doing all the important stuff like holding us upright.

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3 yoga poses to strengthen your core

from Gotta Joga Core Program (available from version 3.5 onwards)

vasisthasana side plank yoga pose

Vasisthasana – Side Plank Pose

As its name tells, side plank pose builds up the side core muscles, the Obliques, but also the deepest layer of the abs, the Transversus Abdominis. While strengthening your arms and wrists it is a great preparation for arm balancing poses. Remember to roll your shoulder back, lift your hips and keep your body as one line.


Boat Pose Navasana

Navasana – Boat Pose

Boat pose strengthens your abs, mainly the six-pack muscle, as well as the deep hip flexors. In the boat pose you are balancing on your sitting bones, holding your back as neutral as possible and lifting your sternum up.


utthita parsvakonasana side angle pose

Extended Side Angle Pose – Utthita Parsvakonasana

Extended Side Angle pose stimulates the abdominal organs and gives a great stretch to the entire side body. You can keep your lower arm on your bent knee or you can place your fingers on the floor or on a block by the bent leg (as pictured).











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