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Our core is the centre of our body. Strengthening core muscles allows us to work on our balance, the right posture as well as our self-confidence.

Belly fat gathering on our waist is due to bad eating habits, bad digestion as well as our sedentary lifestyle characterised to much sitting and little exercise.

Once you have belly fat gathered on your waist, to way to get rid of it may be difficult but not impossible. In order to reduce belly fat you should do sport or a yoga sequence (Gotta Joga Core Strength) determined specially for the reenforcement of your core. At the same time your daily diet should be changed or improved. You need to learn to choose the ingredients that will allow you to progressively get rid of the fat around your waist so that little by little the abdominals become visible.

Some good habits to be adopted in your daily diet:


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  • Only eat good fats: Yes, in order to loose the bad fat, you need to eat good fats such as olive oil, avocado or linen oil.



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  • Don’t forget the proteins (animal products or plant): Even if you would be a vegetarian, our body needs proteins.

Amongst the best plant based (vegetarian) proteins are quinoa, hemp seeds, spirulina alga as well as beans, pulses (lentils, chickpeas) and oleaginous fruits (olives, seeds and nuts).

Amongst the best animal proteins are fish, chicken, greek yoghurt and eggs (obviously bio!) .


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  • Bye-bye to sugary drinks: your body metabolism has a hard time in processing the amount of sugar in sweet drinks. It is important to stay hydrated by water and not from sweet drinks.


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  • Move on from refined, processed grains to whole grain. Whole grains are rich on nutrients and fibres where as refined grains represent only empty calories, without nutritional value. Refined grains to avoid are white bread, pasta, rice and many snacks and cereals.


  • 5 small meals per day is a habit that will make your metabolism more active and will allow you to burn the fat stored (on your waist) as well as help to control your appetite.




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3 comments on “How to eat better for a stronger core

  • what about women in the sixties ? It becomes very (very, very) difficult to loose the belly fat. It seems not at all possible to get rid of. Are their any special techniques for that age (kind of old but still working and sitting all day in an office.)
    Thank you for your blog

    • Hello Nina,
      Thank you for your question!
      It is a fact that our body doesn’t function the same way when when are 20 or 60. However it is possible to loose weight at any age!

      During or after the menopause, it is very important to keep on eating in a healthy way avoiding industrial food products and keeping on a physical activity even if just a light one. That helps us to maintaining a hormonal balance and avoiding our organism getting lazy.

      *Yours, *

      *Adriana Aranzábal ° Health Coach *


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