Je m’appelle Demonas, j’ai 17 ans, je vis a Lyon, et je suis en classe de prémière en SEN (système électronique numérique) au lycée Jacques de Flesselles. Je faisait du foot en club, et j’ai arreté y’a deux ans. Stagiaire chez GOTTA JOGA, on m’a proposé de faire du yoga,c’était la première fois que je… Read More

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Je m’appelle Anaëlle, j’ai 18 ans et je vis à Grenoble (France). Étudiante en communication, j’ai fais pour la toute première fois du Yoga il y a 3 semaines grâce à l’application Gotta Joga. Le verdict ? Après un premier cours d’une durée de 50 minutes, je dois avouer que c’est un peu plus difficile… Read More

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  My name is Kati. I am 43 years and from Espoo, Finland. Yoga is well-being and time for myself. I started four years ago from hatha yoga. The first step was to concentrate to myself, empty the mind and do what the body feels like. Not to do the poses perfectly and in full speed. Three… Read More

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Do you have a question about  Gotta Joga yoga application? What kind of yoga are you learning with us? What is the app all about? You can always have a look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on our web site Is Gotta Joga for beginners? You can start practicing yoga with Gotta Joga even as a… Read More

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  The cost of a single yoga class in a yoga studio of an European city varies somewhere between 12 to 35 €. You will often end up going to different classes to find your favorite style and teacher. In Gotta Joga application, we offer for free the Quick yoga classes for Morning, Day and Evening for you to… Read More

We have created a small yoga box with essentials for getting started with your practice. Nous avons créé une boite de yoga pour nos amis pour commencer avec leur pratique. Wir haben einen Yoga Box für unseren Freunden gemacht. The Gotta Joga yoga block is hand-made out of lime tree wood. It was created for us by… Read More

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  Hanna Konola is an illustrator and artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She has an MA degree from Aalto University, Helsinki and she has also studied in Tokyo and Bergen, Norway. Hanna enjoys working with versatile projects and clients and developing her personal work. She has a love for colours and shapes and she’s talented… Read More

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Gotta Joga new release is now available in the Apple App Store. In this version 1.6 there is the finally the whole content available for Morning, Day (NEW) and Evening Yoga.   For each time of the day there is a Quick Yoga Practice for free for You to try. If you would like, you… Read More

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Birds are in the background of Gotta Joga yoga practices. We like to practice yoga with eyes closed. Birds bring us back to nature, taking our thoughts away from the closed room we might be in. Listening to birds or other voices of the nature helps us relax, concentrate and meditate. Focus our mind on… Read More