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Are you spending a lot of time sitting?

Are you doing sports like running or cycling?

These may cause tightness in your hips.  Tight hips again can cause lower back  or knee pain.

By updating your Gotta Joga application now to version 3.4.1, you gain access to our new yoga program, “Hip Openers”.

We have launched a 6-step program to learn more poses opening your hips and strengthening your body at the same time. There are 17 new postures in the hipopener program starting from a new sun salutation moving to goddess and spiderman poses as well as more demanding Eka Pada Bhujasana arm balance.



The hip opener program is available for all our subscribers! Open your app and check out available promotions for a yearly subscription!



Did you know?

  • There are over 20 muscles in the hip area. Ranging from lumbar spine right down to the knees (quadriceps). Any movement stretching these muscles could be called a hip opener.
  • Tight hips increase the load on the spine.
  • Tight hips may hinder you picking up something from the floor.
  • Opening the hips improves lower back pain, balance, posture and prevents from injuries.
  • Releasing the hips increases your motion and can create an energetic shift as well.
  • Yogis think we hold our emotional baggage in the hips (feelings, emotions, insecurities).
  • Opening the hips gives access to freedom in the body and our self expression.






Ausrichtung, Wirkung, Übungen: Alles über Hüftöffner im Yoga

3 comments on “New yoga program for tight hips

  • I do not like the new voice you have updated the exercises with.

    Give me the option to keep the first person (sounded like a german or finnish female)

    • Hi Pelican Danger!

      Sorry to hear you don’t like our new English voice.

      Anu’s (anuvisuriyoga.com) voice is still there in the old yoga classes and newer in German or Finnish. Our English classes are now spoken by Vanessa de Haas (www.oyogastudio.com) – a native English speaker from Las Vegas, USA.

      The change has been made to be able to have more new classes done faster in several languages (Gotta Joga is available in 4 languages)!

      Thank you for your understanding!
      The Gotta Joga team

  • Thanks for the new classes! Having the chance to move from one class to another while working on he same area of the body is very refreshing. Looking forward to trying them all!

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