Mit zwei kleinen und Kindern und einem Hund, der um sieben Uhr morgens raus muss, ist es gar nicht so einfach, eine Morgen-Routine für einen produktiven und entspannten Tag zu finden. Während der letzten Jahre als Unternehmerin habe ich mir ein paar Dinge angewöhnt, die mir helfen, mich auf den kommenden Tag zu freuen.  … Read More

Kun sinulla on 2 pientä lasta ja koira. jonka täytyy päästä ulos ennen kello 7:ää aamulla, ei ole helppoa luoda aamurituaaleja joilla saisi aloitettua tehokkaan ja rennon päivän. Viimeisten parin vuoden ajan toimiessani yksitysyrittäjänä olen onnistunut omaksumaan muutamia tapoja, jotka auttavat minua keskittymään tulevaan päivään. 1. Hyvä uni Herääminen hyvin nukutun yön jälkeen tekee suuren eron… Read More

When you have a two small children and a dog that needs to go out at 7am, it is not simple to create a morning routine that would start a productive, relaxing day. Over the last few years as an entrepreneur, I have been able to take on some habits that help me to focus on the coming… Read More

During the last few months, we have received many yoga pictures from you, dear users of Gotta Joga app, our fans from Instagram and Facebook as well as ourselves the makers of Gotta Joga. Hope that you had great vacations and feel your batteries loaded and mind rested for the months to come! In this to share some… Read More

Aujourd’hui, nous voulons vous parler de Tayrona, une boutique et une marque de Yoga responsable. Tayrona, c’est aussi une entreprise qui prend soin de la nature en plantant un arbre sur le territoire d’un peuple Colombien pour chaque commande passée sur leur site internet. Mais on ne peut pas vous présenter Tayrona sans vous parler de son… Read More

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Feel like relaxing by one of the 180 000 Finnish lakes ? Or going to music festivals in Denmark? How about jumping into a hot spring Iceland? Participating socially like the Swedes? Enjoy wealth and fjords of Norway? Scandinavian countries have some of the happiest people in the world according to World’s Happiness Report made for the 3rd… Read More

Winter lasts almost 6 months in Scandinavia. First snow falls often in October and stays until beginning of May. We have been innovative to make these long cold and dark months fun and staying happy until the lighter season reveals the nature and our true nature. What is Winter SAD? Winter SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).… Read More

Sounds like a paradox, right? But, when you really think about the message of this saying, it does make a lot of sense. We human beings have wishes and targets we would like to make true and achieve in our lives. But when we stubbornly struggle to get that what we want, the life often… Read More