gotta joga yoga app meditation

Anu at Bad Aussee, Austria
Photo credit © Anu Visuri

During the last few months, we have received many yoga pictures from you, dear users of Gotta Joga app, our fans from Instagram and Facebook as well as ourselves the makers of Gotta Joga.

Hope that you had great vacations and feel your batteries loaded and mind rested for the months to come!

In this to share some of our favorite holiday yoga photos with you while preparing new practices for the Gotta Joga app.


gottajoga yoga app meditation

Zen in Pool, somewhere in France. Photo credit © Anaëlle Prior

handstand gottajoga yoga app

Handstand in Norway.
Photo credit © Daria Wätzold

crow pose gottajoga yoga app

Crow pose (bakasana) on a lava field in Iceland.
Photo credit ©szandart Instagram

handstand gottajoga yoga app

Handstand on a pier in southern Finland.
Photo credit ©gottajoga

dancers pose gottajoga yoga app

Dancer’s pose in a forest in Finland.
Photo credit © Kati Jousimies

tree pose gottajoga yoga app

Tree pose in Tuscany, Italy
Photo credit © Stephanie Saumweber

gottajoga yoga app side crow pose

Side crow pose in British Columbia, Canada
Photo credit © dawnireneyoga Instagram

gotta joga yoga app reverse warrior

Reverse Warrior II at Lac du Bourget, France
Photo credit © Claire Reynaud

tree pose yogaapp gottajoga

Tree pose with mothers and sons in Maui, Hawaii
Photo credit © gottajoga

gottajoga sidecrow yogaapp

Side crow pose near Lyon, France.
Photocredit © douneyoga





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