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Karen’s yoga dog

Karen, Gotta Joga user from Knoxville, Tennesee USA

My name is Karen Armsey and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. I turned 50 this year, and I do yoga because it is making me a better Karen. I know that with the help of Gotta Joga, I feel better in my skin, my bones don’t hurt, and I am normally in a much better mood.


I have tried a number of different workouts that I can download onto my phone, everything from the 7 minute work out to different yoga apps. I would use them a few times maybe up to a month or more, but then I would stop and not miss doing them. With Gotta Joga, I start to miss it if I do not do it for a few days. For example this past week I had migraines with vertigo and so was unable to do much but I made sure that I did what I could because it made me feel better.


One tap to yoga

Gotta Joga with recommended practice for the time of the day

I find the app easy to use from the start, and the updates make it even better, I hate it when you have an app that you like and they update it and it makes it worse.

I have found other yoga practices not what I needed, they were either too fast in how they moved with little instruction on how the body should be placed, or moves that I could not do.


Yoga room Karen Gotta Joga yoga app

Karen’s yoga room with all 5 dogs

I practice at my house in a small bedroom that is also an office. It has just enough room for the desk, a chair, my mat, me and one of my dogs.

yoga tree gotta joga yoga app karen

Karen’s yoga tree grows constantly

I have become very possessive of tree, there was one time that it went away for some reason and I had to start it over again I was pissed. So now I make sure to feed it frequently by working out.


Gotta Joga yoga teacher anu yoga app apple

Anu, Gotta Joga yoga teacher

I enjoy the teacher, her style, and her voice. She gives me enough guidance that I know what I should be doing, or what I am doing wrong and just when I think I cannot do it any more she says or does something that helps me get over the hump. An example of this is when I am doing the Tree pose and she tells me to smile, love that! I will be honest and say that there are times that I have tried to do a yoga work out after doing another work out and it is just too much for me and I talk back to her, but she does not care and it is my own fault for trying to do too much.


Sometimes I would like to change the background sound to something other than birds, but then I think that the birds are in the studio so there is nothing I can do about that. I like that you have a station on Gotta Joga Yoga Playlist Spotify now, I may start using that sometimes.


What are expecting from Gotta Joga in the future?

So maybe a video dictionary of how to do the movements, sometimes I wonder things like “ am I pushing up correctly in the downdog?” or “why does my child’s pose seem strange”, but I can do an eye of the needle without issue.

I have purchased the practice pack, well worth the money. I do not know if I would have paid for the app in advance, but now YES, Yes I would. As I have said before, I got a new iphone not because I am a huge apple fan, but because I could not get this app on another device.


Keep up the good work! Your method and style work for me and I am glad that I found you.


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