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Which yoga poses should I avoid during pregnancy? Our teacher, Anu Visuri, answers questions from Gotta Joga users.

During the pregnancy you should especially avoid twists. When the belly is growing, as you will notice, that twists don’t feel comfortable. Already in the beginning of the pregnancy it is good that you don’t do too many twists. Twists push the lungs and uterus together which is not good for the baby. In case you insist on doing twists, do them towards the open side, away from the leg so that the breathing can flow freely.

Deep backbends are also not recommended during your pregnancy. They stretch and pull the uterus as well as the stomach muscles which is the same what anyways happens during the pregnancy.

Practicing on your belly can be still done in the beginning of your pregnancy, but later, when the belly grows bigger, you should no longer lay on your stomach. First of all, it does not feel good anymore. Most of the women can feel the position uncomfortable from early on. Secondly, the baby does not have much space , so why make it even tighter for it. In the Sun Salutation you can replace the cobra position with all fours. Sun Salutation is in Gotta Joga Morning and Day practices.

Inversions should also be avoided during pregnancy, meaning headstand, shoulder stand, plow pose, handstand and forearm stand. These postures are not necessary bad for the baby but may feel uncomfortable for the mother. An ideal inversion during pregnancy in Viparita Karani (Legs-to-Wall Pose), that you can find in Gotta Joga Evening practices.

Core exercises, like boat pose, are to be avoided completely during the pregnancy. Instead train pelvic floor muscles!

Forward bends, standing postures and supine poses on your back, such as the Reclining Big Toe Pose in Gotta Joga evening practices are great poses that do you good during the pregnancy!

If you have never practiced you before, it is important to consult your doctor, whether it is a good idea to start it now.


  • The breath should flow freely during the practices. 
  • In every pose, make space for the belly, for example in standing forward bends the legs should be at least hip width open. 
  • Important: do the twists always in the “opposite” direction. If it feels strange, refrain from twisting. 
  • You belly should always stay soft during the yoga practice. 


malasana gotta joga prenatal

Malasana Photo: Blandine Soulage Rocca for Gotta Joga Model: Vanessa de Haas


  • Yoga poses, that strain the stomach muscles, should be modified (e.g. the plank pose should be done with knees on floor) or left out. 

  • Don’t go too far back in backbends and avoid pulling or stretching the belly too strongly. 

  • Train the pelvic floor: do calm poses like Malasana (squat = ideal pose during pregnancy ) or half wheel with a brick under your sacrum. 

  • Consult your doctor if yoga is ideal for you during your pregnancy ! 


You can also try out our Gotta Joga Prenatal App !


Text: Anu Visuri

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