gotta joga liforme yoga mat

anu on a liforme mat doing downward facing dog

ENGLISH: Tips for yogis /yoginis -Part 1!

Yoga offers something different for all of us. Be patient and listen to your inner intention. Why do you want to practice yoga?

Everything you do begins with an intention. This intention keeps you motivated and passionate about your practice. Secondly, keeping a beginner’s mind even though you would be advanced in your practice gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and to grow as a conscious human being.

As equipment you will need comfortable and stretchy clothes and a sticky yoga mat. The yoga mat shouldn’t be too thick, since it can make your foundation unstable during balancing poses.

It is worth investing in a good yoga mat as it makes big difference in the quality of your practice. Try to do a downward facing dog on an old fitness mat where your hands and feet slide and then on a sticky yoga mat and you will realize the difference immediately.

We recommend mats for Liforme, Lululemon and Jade Yoga.

Be kind to your yoga mat and you may  use it for many years of practice. Don’t wash it in a washing machine and only clean it gently with a mixture of  warm water and baking soda.


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