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Gotta Joga user question: 
I am missing guidance in whether I should practice every day or every 3rd days?
Should I repeat a practice or posture or can I just pass from one exercise to another?
Which postures are easier which more difficult?


Our teacher Anu Visuri answers:
If you want to have a regular and strong yoga practice you should practice every day. If you just want to get a bit more flexible three times/week is enough. So, it depends, how you see your own practice and what you want to achieve through it.
Repeating is the most important thing in an asana practice. There are yoga styles that only do specific 12 asanas in every practice. And, repetition is the mother of learning. We would recommend you to repeat an asana until you could do it in your sleep. Of course you can always try the new asanas, but if you notice, they are too much for you or don’t feel right, just take a step back in your practice.
There are poses that are basic or intermediate or advanced, but it is actually difficult to say, if a specific pose is difficult or not, since we all find different things easy or difficult. A specific pose can be easy for you to do and for someone else very difficult or vice versa. It all depends on the proportions, strength and flexibility of the body and also on the inner attitude.
Some beginners can for example easily do the full lotus pose, which is considered to be an advanced pose, because their hips are naturally very open and some advanced practitioners can’t do it, because their hips are very tight. Also, sometimes you think you can’t do a pose, because it is “advanced”, but in reality you probably could do it, or again vice versa. So, just try a pose and find out, if it is easy or difficult to you.


Note: Our programs typically advance from easier and shorter classes to more difficult and longer yoga classes. You can always skip a pose or a class if it feels too much for you.


Anu Visuri, yoga teacher and co-founder of Gotta Joga

Certified Anusara® yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500 & YACEP).

4 comments on “Tips for your home practice!

    • You can practice according to to own feeling. What ever feels good to you!
      Sometimes it may be 5 minutes , sometimes 50 minutes.
      There are no rules, important it is to listen to yourself , what you need.
      We are all different as persons, physically and having different time available.

      Little by little try to establish your own home practice, with a strong basis on your own body and mind, not by forcing yourself.

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