GOTTA JOGA PER ESSERE PIU’ HYGGE!!! Hygge è un termine pressoché intraducibile che si pronuncia “hüghe”.  Il termine “Hygge” è di origine incerta: alcuni sostengono derivi dall’inglese hug, “abbraccio”, ma i più sostengono derivi da un dialetto della Norvegia, e significhi “stare bene”. Stare bene con se stessi e coccolarsi con le cose che ti… Read More

GOTTA JOGA FÜR MEHR HYGGE!!!! Hygge ist ein fast unübersetzbarer Begriff, der “hüghe” ausgesprochen wird.  Der Begriff “hygge” hat einen ungewissen Ursprung: Einige behaupten, er käme vom Englischen “Umarmung”, aber am häufigsten wird angenommen, dass er aus einem norwegischen Dialekt stammt und “gesund bleiben” bedeutet. Sich gut zu fühlen und sich mit den Dingen zu… Read More

GOTTA JOGA FOR  MORE HYGGE!!!! Hygge is an almost untranslatable term pronounced “hüghe”.  The term “hygge” is of uncertain origin: some claim it comes from the English hug, but most common thinking is that it comes from a Norwegian dialect, and means “to be well”. To feel good about yourself and pamper yourself with the… Read More

“It’s a happiness drawn from contentment with now.”  Anna Brones, author of Live Lagom We are continuing the voyage from the Danish Hygge to the Swedish Lagom: from the moments of cosiness and candles towards a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle of the Swedes. Lagom is Swedish meaning something like: Not too much, not too… Read More