smoothie2_articleDetox Your Life:

How Green Smoothies Make Your Cells Shine


Green, delicious and full of vital substances: That’s the green smoothies – the healthy power drinks from the mixer. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants and therefore the ideal companion for you to start a new phase in your life with yoga and lots of energy. While having a detoxing effect, the green power chargers also help us to reduce weight and get rid of old metabolic waste from the past years.


Our Sun Salutation


(About 1,5 l and keeps 2 – 3 days in your refrigerator)



1 ripe banana

2 apples

1 handful of spinach

1 handful of purslane or other fresh lettuce

In the springtime a couple of dandelion leaves

½ l water



Peel the banana and cut it in pieces, quarter the apples, wash the greens. First, mix the fruits in the mixer, then add the greens and water and blend all together into a green smoothie.


And in a minute You have a delicious power drink!


Start slowly and first replace one meal with a green smoothie. Soon, You‘ll feel Your body wanting more and day by day You’ll feel better and better.


Discover a simple and effective way into a healthy and vital lifestyle with green smoothies!


The Benefits at a Glance:


Green Smoothies…

  • provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids und antioxidants for our body
  • strengthen our immune system
  • keep our body and mind flexible
  • help us to reduce weight and to control our body weight
  • let us sleep well
  • enhance our complexion and ensure a glowing appearance
  • support a local nutrition and that way the Karma-Consumption, i.e. a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Get started with our sweet favorite!

Thank you Anu and Anja from the GrünBar in Ulm



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