reindeer family

Ever been in Lapland? Reindeers are a common view on the road anywhere north of the polar circle. They might appear as wild, running around in in big groups. Actually reindeers are domestic animals, even if not very tame, that are all marked on their ear indicating the owner.


more reindeers than cars on the roads in Lapland

Twice a year the reindeer are collected, counted and marked.  Great fun for tourists is a reindeer ride as well as visiting SantaClaus at the Polar Circle.

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Image copyright:  V.Belov and Mikhail Markovskiy via Shuttersock Inc.
Video- courtesy of Anais Bonin (during her travel in northern Sweden)

Gotta Joga- practice yoga, löyda* Scandinavia (löydä = find in Finnish)

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