Wish to see the world from a new perspective?
Update your app! In the last version of Gotta Joga, we are introducing the “Inversions” program.

The “Inversions” yoga program with 7 new classes and 30 asanas is made for those yogi(ni)s who are already somewhat advanced in their practice. However if you are in the early steps of your yoga practice, you can still practice sessions 1, 3 and 5 . You can also try the other sessions, yet we do not recommend practicing balancing on your hands or head without trying them first in a yoga class with an experienced teacher.


The Way From Your Head to Your Heart – Inversions


“The longest journey we must take is the 18 inches from our head to our heart.”

– Mother Teresa


An inversion is a pose in which the head is lower than the heart.  As we hardly ever deliberately stand on our head in everyday life, it’s quite normal to feel an aversion toward inversions in yoga. However, it’s a pity if we let our fear stop us from experiencing all the many benefits and pleasures of the inversions. 

Asana practice without inversions is like a kindergarten without children, a marriage without a partner or a body without a heart – the essence is missing. Inversions make yoga different from other physical disciplines. Mentally, they give us the opportunity to look at the world from alternative perspectives. Emotionally, they steer our pelvic energy (the energy of creation and individual strength) to our heart, thereby enabling us to explore ourselves and attain profound growth. Physically, they support our immune and endocrine systems. They build up strength in the middle of our bodies, and if we practice them correctly, they can relieve our spine.

This yoga program by Gotta Joga shows you how to carefully prepare your body for the inversions. After the preparation, you will practice various inversion exercises step by step. Starting with the Downward Facing Dog, you progress to handstand, forearm stand and headstand as well as their variations. Gradually, you will overcome your fear and discover how you can challenge gravity with precise anatomic actions, master the inversions and find yourself in your heart.


Anu Visuri

Yoga Teacher, Munich/Germany

Anusara Inspired * Yogamazé * Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT 500

More about Anu and Yoga: www.anuvisuriyoga.com

IG @anuvisuriyoga

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