Dear Gotta Joga users,

In this release we are excited to announce you an important news! Starting from now, for the first time, we will have yoga classes as videos in our app.

Only for subscribers to start with, we are launching the first program “Basics of Ashtanga Yoga” by Italian yoga teacher Giuseppe Panarello. The program consists of 5 classes, in streaming video format, from 20 to 40 minutes. In these classes you will learn deep breathing technique Ujjayi, sun salutations A and B and the primary standing and seated yoga poses such as warrior 1&2, triangle, lunge, lizard as well as arm balance in crow pose and poses to open the shoulders and chest.


We have also added 2 classes for prenatal and mom and baby yoga. There is one new prenatal class targeted for the final 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. It includes supported versions of poses and breathing exercise helping to prepare for birth. Another class for post pregnancy is for the mom and baby where the baby is included in a playful way to the practice. Enjoy yoga with Gotta Joga!

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