We are excited to tell you about our new yoga program: “Feel Good Flows” with Vanessa de Haas.
Right on time for the darkest period of the year on the northern hemisphere, we are launching 5 new yoga flows in a new program called “Feel Good Flows”.
With our new yoga new program you will learn to flow through a terrain of  emotions with 5 vinyasa flow yoga classes. The classes have a duration between 20 to 30 minutes. They are aimed for intermediate yogi(ni)s. The warm-up class is suitable for beginners too.
Start with a with a 13 minute warm up (FREE class) and continue with one of the yoga flows focused around 5 different emotional themes:
Strength: The first exercise is a core strengthening class: Core strength will help you in every posture to keeping them together.  It also refers to the emotional essence of who you truly are.
Confidence and Compassion. The 2nd class continues to build strength adding the element of backbending into the exercise. With this class you will feel stronger and more capable in your body. The element of backbends brings compassion into the practice making us feel whole and complete.
-Presence: The 3rd exercise is about presence with standing and balancing poses. Taking time for yourself on the yoga mat, helps you to become present in all aspects of your life. Balancing poses help to relieve stress, reducing tension and fatigue. They also help to improve focus, concentration and memory.
-Peace: The theme of the 4th class is peace. Focusing on forward folding and shoulder opening poses, this flow will help you feel more peaceful in your physical and mental body. Forward fold calm the mind by reducing anxiety and worry. Shoulder openers are good for relieving sadness, grief, anger and frustration.
-Joy: The final 5th flow is about joy. In this dynamic and all rounded class you will be doing a flow that makes you feel more joyous in your body. Embrace the Christmas season by honouring the practice that creates light and joy for you and share these gifts with others.
The vinyasa flow classes are created for you by yoga teacher Vanessa de Haas.
Update your app now iOS version 3.14 and Android version 1.6. to start practicing yoga with Gotta Joga.

Vanessa de Haas is an American yoga teacher and a mother of 3 little girls, living in France. She is the owner of a vinyasa yoga studio O Yoga in Lyon, France. She spent time studying Ayurveda and yoga in Rishikish India where she became certified in Akanda yoga with Vishva Vishveketu. She is also certified in vinyasa yoga.

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