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Update your application to version 3.7 (iOS) or 1.2 (Android) if you wish to practice prenatal yoga with us!

The 3 new meditative, breath centered yoga classes in the Gotta Joga Prenatal Yoga program have been planned by yoga teacher Vanessa de Haas for pregnant women from their 2nd trimester onwards.

Prenatal yoga enables moms-to-be to prepare for childbirth physically and mentally. It also provides precious time to connect with the baby and what’s happening to the body from within.

What about the 1st trimester?

It is not recommended to practice during the 1st trimester.


More information on prenatal yoga :

Yoga and Pregnancy

Vanessa de Haas est une professeure de yoga américaine, mère de 3 filles. Elle vit en France. Elle a son studio de yoga Vinyasa à Lyon : O Yoga. Elle a étudié l’ayurveda et le yoga à Rishikish, en Inde, où elle a obtenu une certification en yoga Akanda, avec Vishva Vishveketu. Elle est également certifiée en yoga Vinyasa.