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The old icon with G and J letters on green background will be replaced by “Gotta Joga Girl with a bird”.

We were looking for a logo that would tell more about yoga and happiness and be less symbolic. We asked our users in a social media post in February to vote for their favorite. The winner and now new logo will now be applied in iOS version 3.8 and Android version 1.3. THe Version will be release on Friday March 16th.

Some of your comments are here:

“This one is peaceful & funny in the same time. As yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ is for me!” @Ingrid Inch

“it’s a design for freedom and the bird for the peace well done” @simonebourgarel

“The one with the bird 🐦 love the birdsong in the background of the yoga 🧘‍♀️ sets” @paulamulan



Backbends yoga program with 6 new sequences and 20 new asanas.

Spending a lot lot of time hunching over a computer or kitchen counter?

Backbends not only open up your chest and shoulders, they bring fresh, oxygenated blood around your spine.

Through the practice of shoulderopeners and backbends, you open yourself up. You mind becomes more open to see beauty and find happiness in life.

1st backbend class: downward facing dog with a shoulder opener, lateral bend in tadasana andstanding shoulder opener.

2nd backbend class: 3 sun salutations with high lunge variants for shoulders and back.

The 1st and 2nd backbend practices can be done also by beginners being warm-up practices for the shoulder, back and rest of the body.


Monkey tail thigh stretch, camel pose and wheel pose.

The 3rd practice incorporates a full wheel pose, making it a advanced level practice.


4th backbend class with a downdog twist, child’s pose and supine twist.

4th backbend practice is a restorative yoga class that can be done after a day where you back needs release. (suitable for beginners)

5th backbend class: supine shoulder opener with a yoga block, bridge pose and hamstring activation.


5th class is more of a stretching and activating of shoulders, core and thighs. You learn to activate your hamstrings. This class is intermediate level.


6th class backbend immersion: seated lateral bend, upper arm stretch, thigh stretch at the wall, thunderbolt pose, wheel pose and sacrum release.

6th and final class is a 100 minute full immersion class into the world of backbends and shoulder openers. You will combine all what you learnt in the previous lessons in this advanced level class.

By releasing our spine and opening our front bodies, we open ourself up for new people, possibilities and experiences. As our body becomes more flexible, it mirrors into our minds becoming more adaptive.

Happy bending!



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  • Good morning,
    I am having troubles with the new version, I cannot download the new programs neither the old ones.
    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Gilda
      Please send us a message from your app (Settings -> Feedback). This way we can help you better.
      The Gotta Joga Team

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