Goddess Durga

Update your application to version 3.7 (iOS) or 1.2 (Android) if you wish to sing 2 new mantras with us!

The mantras have been sung to you by yoga teacher Anu Visuri.

Durga mantra is a chant to the goddess Durga, a powerful deity who is know as the mother goddess.

Hey MahaLakshmi

Hey Saraswati

Hey Mata Kali

Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma

Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma


Hey Ma Durga

Hey Ma Durga

Hey Ma Durga

Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma

Jagadambe Jai Jai Ma!



Ganesh mantra calls upon the energy of Ganesh, the elephant headed deity.

Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha

Anu Visuri is a Finnish yoga teacher living and teaching in Munich, Germany. She has studied Sivananda Yoga in Austria, Yoga with Children with Thomas Bannenberg. She is a certified Anusara(TM) yoga teacher (200 h) with Barbra Noah. She has also concluded a teacher training of 300 hours with Noah Mazé.



2 comments on “New in Gotta Joga App : 2 Mantras

  • Bonjour à vous, je n’arrive pas à accéder au chant des mantra indiqué, comment faire ?? J’ai mis à jour mon téléphone (Android) mais rien ne se passe. Merci à vous si vous pouvez me renseigner .Belle journée à vous. Merci beaucoup

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