Gotta_Joga-yoga-app-freemiumThe cost of a single yoga class in a yoga studio of an European city varies somewhere between 12 to 35 €. You will often end up going to different classes to find your favorite style and teacher.


In Gotta Joga application, we offer for free the Quick yoga classes for Morning, Day and Evening for you to try out. The rest are available against a small fee (compared to a price of a normal yoga class).

The asanas of the Quick Yoga Practices are also free to try out: Child’s Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Sun Salutation with Lunge and Twist as well as Legs Up The Wall Pose.

The rest will open when purchasing the corresponding yoga pack.


download-evening-yoga-gotta-jogaThe In-App Purchases are sold for €2,99 in main European App Stores and contain:

Morning practices – 4 new practices and 7 related asanas

Day Practices: 6 new practices and 22 asanas

Evening Practices: 4 new practices and 9 asanas


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