article-gotta-joga-yoga-app-apple-woman-meditating-lake-shutterstock_178468094Gotta Joga new release is now available in the Apple App Store. In this version 1.6 there is the finally the whole content available for Morning, Day (NEW) and Evening Yoga.


For each time of the day there is a Quick Yoga Practice for free for You to try. If you would like, you can download a payable Morning, Day or Evening Yoga package with 4-6 new yoga programs each. Once you have bought the package, it is yours forever. Every time a new version of the application is launched you can download your once purchased package again without paying a 2nd time.

Download from AppStore by using this link:

Gotta Joga – yoga poses & practices – Maija Airas-Ceri

The application and  yoga classes are in addition to English now also available in French, Finnish and German. All you need to do it to set your phone language one of these languages and the application will automatically change it’s language too. If you are using your phone in another language, the default application language in English.


Remember to have your yoga blocks with you for they day program, they can be useful in the triangle pose, half moon and warrior III.


Happy yoga!





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