„Nothing is more certain than the present and that’s why we need to live in the moment“, my grandmother once said to me. This is easier said than done. We all experienced our thoughts dwelling in the past, in a time we now think was “the best time of our lives”. Or our mind wondering… Read More

We were in the news in Lyon Metronews 17th January 2014. A nice article telling about our project: yoga application from the north. Are you interested?  – follow us on Facebook to hear the latest news. http://www.metronews.fr/lyon/gotta-joga-l-application-yoga-venue-du-froid/mnap!N34HM9rtKBL2/… Read More

Come and visit our stand at Restaurant Soline, 89 rue Paul Bert, Lyon 3ème on Thursday December 12th from 16:00 to 21:00. We will be presenting our project, selling for T-shirts and shopping totes and well as organising live Yoga sessions!  … Read More

Do you have a Windows Phone? Do you like Yoga? Would you like to start your day with a refreshing yoga practice? Our 4 yoga morning practices are 15-30 minutes long and give a great start for you day! Please let us know your e-mail address related to your Microsoft Live account and we will… Read More

Just woke up, ready to relax in the evening or just need a break in the middle of the day? Turn on the playlist and you can have a 15 mins vitalising yoga session with our teacher Anu. This 15 minute yoga workout is perfect for waking up your body in the morning, stretching during… Read More

Our yoga teacher is Anu Visuri. Anu is Finn, living currently in Munich, Germany and previously in Tokyo, Japan. She is a professional yoga teacher who has teacher trainings on Sivanada, child and Anusara yoga. She believes, and we too: Everyone can do Yoga!   You can learn more about Anu and her yoga from… Read More

Gotta Joga content runs offline and is small to medium in size. Videos fill full screen to create an enjoyable experience. Gotta Joga uses location e.g. for finding nearest yoga studios. It has gesture control to control videos comfortably while training.  … Read More

GottaJoga has a large asana (pose) database which is used to automatically customize and update the practise. GottaJoga takes into account the time of the day and previous training practice of the user and proposes a suitable practice, which can be reached by one-click on the main screen.… Read More

In Gottajoga Content is the King. In GottaJoga we want to let you enjoy yoga. There are only calm and beautifully animated pictures with relaxing vocal instructions to smoothly guide you through the practices. No over complicated instructions , robotic voice , endless interactions or loading progress that makes you scared or bored while training.… Read More