gotta joga yoga app apple iphone tree pose


This beautiful pose balances your body and mind and strengthens your core and legs.


Diese schöne Stellung bringt den Körper und den Geist ins Gleichgewicht und stärkt die Beine und die Körpermitte.


Tämä kaunis asento tasapainoittaa kehon sekä mielen ja vahvistaa jalkoja sekä keskikehoa.

We have published the TreePose video on YouTube and Vimeo so you can try it out at home or on the go. It only takes 6 minutes and is a nice exercise for training your balance. It can be extremely challenging or surprisingly easy, depending on your mood and strength. Which ever way- tree pose is a suitable asana (posture) for every level of yoga practitioner. Let us know your opinion of it!

Practice yoga with Gotta Joga, löydä Scandinavia!

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