Birds are in the background of Gotta Joga yoga practices. We like to practice yoga with eyes closed. Birds bring us back to nature, taking our thoughts away from the closed room we might be in. Listening to birds or other voices of the nature helps us relax, concentrate and meditate. Focus our mind on the essential, or nothing. Sometimes it is important to empty the mind, let go of too many thoughts.

The Gotta Joga application’s bird recordings have been made the spring and summer when the bird singing is the most intense. We wondered along the banks of Danube in Germany during the summer and around the Italian Alps in the spring to capture some undisturbed bird singing to act as our yoga music.

Birds migrate from north to south and back during spring and autumn. We from Scandinavia enjoy the richness of species during the summer months.

Image copyright: Petri Volanen via Shutterstock Inc.

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