“It’s a happiness drawn from contentment with now.”  Anna Brones, author of Live Lagom We are continuing the voyage from the Danish Hygge to the Swedish Lagom: from the moments of cosiness and candles towards a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle of the Swedes. Lagom is Swedish meaning something like: Not too much, not too… Read More

 Durch Yoga habe ich gelernt, jeden Tag einen Augenblick des Glücks und Wohlbefindens in meinen Alltag zu integrieren. Vor einiger Zeit wollte ich wissen, welche anderen Dinge einen positiven Einfluss auf mein Leben haben könnten. Ich stamme aus Finnland und es hat mich erstaunt, dass die nordischen Länder im Glücksreport der Vereinten Nationen immer wieder… Read More

 Grâce au yoga, j’ai pu insérer un moment de bien-être et de bonheur dans ma vie quotidienne. Il y a quelque temps, j’ai commencé à m’intéresser à d’autres habitudes qui pourraient avoir une influence positive dans ma vie. Originaire de Finlande, j’ai été frappée par le fait que les pays nordiques occupent toujours les premiers… Read More

 Through yoga I have been able to insert a moment of feel good and happiness into my every day life. A while ago I got curious about other habits that could have a positive influence into my life. Originally from Finland, it has struck me how the Nordic countries always rank on top posts in… Read More

santa claus

  Gotta Joga is a Nordic yoga application. We’d love to share with you some secrets of Scandinavian Christmas. Christmas is called joulu in Finnish (jul in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). In the pre-Christian times the there was a 3 day celebration in December as the days started getting longer again. The word hjul coming  from ancient Viking language meaning sun… Read More

marimekko unikko red 50th anniversary

One of first memories from my childhood are from home where in every window hang curtains with Marimekko prints. We were wearing red striped long pyjamas, made out of soft cotton fabric. My bed sheets had the large poppy prints of “Unikko”. We run in forests bare feet all summer long. We swam in lakes with lukewarm… Read More

tea book candle gotta joga

We love yoga and think reading is great too. Sitting in the corner of a soft couch, keeping warm inside, the light of low raisin sun or an open fireplace, drinking a cup of tea and diving into a good book is something we Scandinavians love to do. No wonder when we have a constant source of… Read More

sonia jumps in finland summer for gotta joga yoga app

Hello there I would like to share you some of our best moments during the holidays in Finland. We were there in July when it was not super hot, yet nice to swim, play and practice yoga outside as well as enjoy the berries and other fresh food from the nature. 1. Strawberries (raspberries, blueberries and cloudberries too) You… Read More

gotta joga yoga app iphone apple salmon canapes

beautiful tastes better. I love the colours of this dish: brown, orange and green. You can try out these salmon canapés at home. Just remember to pick fresh ingredients. These canapés are great as appetizer while getting started for a dinner or as a small bite in between meals. We in Scandinavia sometimes like to use larger slices of… Read More