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beautiful tastes better. I love the colours of this dish: brown, orange and green. You can try out these salmon canapés at home. Just remember to pick fresh ingredients. These canapés are great as appetizer while getting started for a dinner or as a small bite in between meals. We in Scandinavia sometimes like to use larger slices of bread and have these as a snack together with a cup of tea.

I have been living for 17 years away from the Scandinavia in Germany and France. Every time I feel a little homesick, have friends over, or even for a joint party with neighbours I make little fish canapés to insert a piece of my origins in the menu. When lucky, I buy some fresh whitefish (lavaret) fished from Lac d’Annecy from the market and cure it in salt, sugar, rose pepper and dill a few days beforehand.

You can use either smoked or gravad (raw, cooked with salt) salmon to create the canapes. As bread the yummiest (and good for your tummy) is dark rye bread! Here in France I find “muffins du pain seigle” from our local supermarket that are as good as it gets after toasting them. Herbs are not naturally plentiful in Scandinavia- thus dill is the one that grows from ground and is always used with fish dishes.. You can use butter or cream cheese like Philadelphia to give some more taste.  A a drop of lemon juice on top crowns the taste.

Remember to drink a lot of water after your yoga practice. The salmon canapés are a great snack to gain some energy after sport. Enjoy them with a glass of sparkling water or wine.



– cold smoked salmon OR gravlax (raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill)

– rye bread OR wholegrain toast

– butter OR cream cheese mixed with mustard

– lemon juice

– dill

– fresh ground pepper


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Image courtesy of Shutterstock Inc. Copyright: Mateuz Gzik “mini canapes with smoked salmon”

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