santa claus

  Gotta Joga is a Nordic yoga application. We’d love to share with you some secrets of Scandinavian Christmas. Christmas is called joulu in Finnish (jul in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). In the pre-Christian times the there was a 3 day celebration in December as the days started getting longer again. The word hjul coming  from ancient Viking language meaning sun… Read More

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Aujourd’hui on va vous faire découvrir des aspects des pays scandinaves(que vous connaissez peut être déjà) à travers 45 petites anecdotes. Suède 1) La Suède est le 3ème plus grand pays de l’UE en superficie (après la France et l’Espagne). 2) Les Suédois ont les plus faibles inégalité de revenus au… Read More

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beautiful tastes better. I love the colours of this dish: brown, orange and green. You can try out these salmon canapés at home. Just remember to pick fresh ingredients. These canapés are great as appetizer while getting started for a dinner or as a small bite in between meals. We in Scandinavia sometimes like to use larger slices of… Read More

gotta joga yoga app apple iphone snow

A dear child has many names. So does snow in the Finnish language. Early snowing coming in October in the southern parts of the country and staying until the end of April makes snow a welcome and light companion for the dark part of the year.   We found this infographic from ( Lumi and Pyry… Read More