Become Zen by eating? Is that really possible???


The answer is yes! That is because our diet plays a major role in our physical state as well as our emotional state.


To develop a zen attitude, we can, of course, do yoga or meditation. But we can also eat certain foods that will help us feel better, while keeping our nervous system in balance, and lowering our cortisol (stress hormone) levels.


Let’s start by learning what is cortisol?


Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands (above kidneys). It is also known as the stress hormone because, released in excess, it causes various symptoms in our body. These may range from weight gain and hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, and mood changes…..


Nowadays, because of the stress of everyday life and work, most of us suffer, or have suffered at some point, from high cortisol levels. It is therefore strongly recommended to include the following three ingredients in your diet to reduce your cortisol levels and the resulting stress!



The powers of turmeric are incredible! This small plant from India has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties. It allows us to fight against the inflammation of our cells and especially our nervous system.

Forget the tensions, muscle aches or stiffness caused by stress, turmeric will work wonders!

To consume turmeric, you can integrate it into your classic cuisine, in dishes or smoothies. You can also take it in tablet form, or you can make ayurvedic recipes such as golden milk!



Fatty fish, such as wild salmon, preferably organic, are an essential source of omega 3 helping to lower the rate of cortisol production.

Omega 3 will also restore the membrane of our neurons, and directly fight against mood swings and depression.

Including a fatty fish in your diet, two or three times a week, will gradually reduce the cumulative stress level in your body.



Various studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea, and its various compounds (polyphenols and flavonoids), lead to a sustainable reduction in cortisol production.

Green tea thus becomes a perfect alternative to coffee. Coffee has the opposite effect to green tea, because it stimulates cortisol creation and excites our nervous system, especially in the beginning of the day.


Remember that adopting a healthy diet will be your sustainable long-term strategy to reduce stress.

But your well-being is built through  daily actions. So let’s not forget to breathe in full consciousness, meditate, do yoga, and laugh, to ease our stress!

If your stress comes from work, I advise you to try the Gotta Joga program called “Yoga at Work”. It has been designed to help you reduce anxiety in the office.

For more holistic nutrition advice, and to access my guided meditations or online programs, feel free to visit my website or social networks : @couleurbienetre



Adriana Aranzábal

Health Coach

Nutrition & Santé Holistique ° Méditation ° Bien-être

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