New yoga program: Yoga for Athletic People

Looking for short yoga classes to work on your core and glutes? Are you practicing yoga in addition to another sports: running, cycling or walking? These classes have been created just for you! We hope you enjoy these four classes by our yoga teacher Vanessa de Haas. You will need a yoga mat, a block or a thick book and a strap or a belt for these classes.

Update your “Yoga with Gotta Joga” app now to have access to these new classes. (iOS version 3.24 and Android version 1.15)

The classes

Engage the Glutes

This is a 25 minutes practice to help you engage your gluteus muscles. Glutes help you create more stability in your hips, pelvis and resulting in less strain in the low back. You’ll work on your glutes on your back, in standing poses (lunge variations) and prone (Salabasana locust pose). The practice ends in active bridge pose variations before a short Savasana (final relaxation).  

Photo: Gotta Joga with Vanessa de Haas

Connect to Core

This a short sequence of 18 minutes to engage your core. You’ll start by creating heat on your back with core activation, moving to standing poses (Warrrior3, Plank) and finally releasing the core and psoas on your back. 

Photo: Gotta Joga with Vanessa de Haas

Happy Hamstrings

This is a perfect post-sport practice for runners, hikers and cyclists. It is a 28 minute sequence to explore your quads and hamstrings, an excellent practice to do after any sports. In this practice you’ll stretch your hamstrings in Supta Padagustasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose)on your back, then moving on to standing poses (lunge, Warrior 3 and standing split). The practice continues with stretching your legs in runner’s lunge and a quad stretch. Towards the end you’ll lengthen your inner thighs in a butterfly pose (Baddha Konasana) before relaxing on your back. 

Photo: Gotta Joga with Vanessa de Haas

Yoga for Athletes

This strengthening 40 minute flow can be practiced in parallel with any other sports. You’ll begin on your back opening your hips in thread the needle and warming up your core, continuing to tabletop to lubricate your spine and hips. The practice then brings you to downward facing dog and some sun salutation Cs. The standing poses are variants of Warrior1 (Humble warrior), Warrior2, Goddess pose and Prasarita Padottanasana. 

Photo: Gotta Joga with Vanessa de Haas

Enjoy Yoga with Gotta Joga!


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