We have released today an updated Gotta Joga with “My Yoga” and “Yoga Programs”
Gotta Joga Yoga Programs

Update your Gotta Joga app now and choose a program to learn! A program is a series of yoga classes with a common theme, that you can practice one after the other, until you complete the theme.

My YogaIn the new Gotta Joga 3.0, there are two new introduction programs: one for beginners and another one for those who are already familiar with yoga. You will find the familiar Morning, Day and Evening practices now also as programs. There are also “meditation” and “7 minute yoga” programs .


Gotta Joga My Yoga

The new “My Yoga” screen is where your current program will take place, and where you will see your progress. In addition, you can still practice freely, by choosing any class inside a program in the “Programs” tab. Pick a program to get started!

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