International Mother Language Day has been observed every year since February 21st 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It remembers events such as the killing of four students on February 21, 1952, because they campaigned to officially use their mother language, Bengali, in Bangladesh. The aim is to develop fuller awareness of linguistic… Read More

Spesso gli studenti mi chiedono: “Pensi che io abbia fatto qualche progresso nella mia pratica yoga? Trovo difficile rispondere a questa domanda. Con la domanda gli studenti si riferiscono principalmente alla loro pratica delle asana, e naturalmente posso vedere come si è evoluta la loro pratica asana; come il loro respiro è diventato più profondo,… Read More

Often students ask me: “Do you think I have made any progress in my yoga practice?” I find this question difficult to answer. With the question the students are referring mainly to their asana practice, and of course I can see how their asana practice has evolved; how their breath has become deeper, how their… Read More

in English, auf deutsch, en français, suomeksi. English: The current version of Gotta Joga app has yoga practices for getting started with your own yoga practice in the morning, day and evening. Now it’s time we start working on some new yoga classes for you! Let us know what you would like and win a Yoga Box. Comment… Read More

Download now Gotta Joga version 1.3 for Apple App Store. It includes 5 new yoga practices for relaxing in the evening and 10 new asanas for the practice. The evening practices a include long stretches and twists to relax and clean your body before going to sleep. Try out our free session Viparita Karani –… Read More

Yoga to learn to know yourself – my name is Anu Visuri. I was born in Finland and now I am living in Munich, Germany. I have studied languages and pedagogy at the University of Turku in Finland. When I finished my studies I started to work as a language teacher in the middle school.… Read More

Just woke up, ready to relax in the evening or just need a break in the middle of the day? Turn on the playlist and you can have a 15 mins vitalising yoga session with our teacher Anu. This 15 minute yoga workout is perfect for waking up your body in the morning, stretching during… Read More