Absolute Beginner 2.0 Mit Freude kündigen wir an, dass das 3. und letzte Yoga Programm für die Absolute Beginners Serie jetzt verfügbar für Download in Deiner Gotta Joga App ist. Ähnlich zu den zwei Absolute Beginners Programmen 0.0 und 1.0 besteht das Absolute Beginners 2.0 auch aus sechs 20-30minütigen Sequenzen, mit denen Du Yoga zu… Read More

Absolute Beginners 2.0 We are proud to announce that the 3rd and final yoga program in the Absolute Beginner series in now available for download in your Gotta Joga App. Like the first two Absolute Beginner Programs 0.0 and 1.0, also the Absolute Beginner 2.0 consists of 6 sequences between 20-30 minutes that you can… Read More

Super Principianti 2.0 Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che il terzo e ultimo programma di yoga della serie Super Principianti è ora disponibile per il download nella vostra App. Gotta Joga. Come i primi due programmi per Super Principianti 0.0 e 1.0, anche il Super Principianti 2.0 è composto da 6 sequenze tra i 20 e… Read More

Nouveau programme de yoga « Grand Débutant 2 » Nous sommes ravies d’annoncer que le 3ème et dernier programme de yoga de la série « Grand Débutant » est à présent disponible dans votre app Gotta Joga. Comme les deux premiers programmes de la série, le programme « Grand Débutant 2 » comprend 6 séances,… Read More

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Do you have a question about  Gotta Joga yoga application? What kind of yoga are you learning with us? What is the app all about? You can always have a look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on our web site http://gottajoga.com/help Is Gotta Joga for beginners? You can start practicing yoga with Gotta Joga even as a… Read More