FAQ-beitrag-gotta-joga-yoga-app-iphoneDo you have a question about  Gotta Joga yoga application? What kind of yoga are you learning with us? What is the app all about?

You can always have a look at the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on our web site http://gottajoga.com/help

Is Gotta Joga for beginners?

You can start practicing yoga with Gotta Joga even as a beginner. Our poses and classes have detailed guidance on how to do them. It is always nice to go to a real class with a live teacher who can help you correct your posture and learn faster, yet with Gotta Joga classes you are good to begin with your home practice.

Why can I only hear the voice of my yoga practice but no picture? Or vise versa.

First make sure that you have the sound on your device turned on (flip the switch on the side to check).

It may happen that you have missing sound or picture when downloading purchased yoga packs to a nearly full phone memory. There is a way to make them work  (until our next release): 1. Please make space in your phone memory (at least 100 MB per package) 2. Remove Gotta Joga app 3. Turn phone off and on again 4. Reinstall app from App Store. 5. Initiate download of yoga pack by tapping on one of the practices you tried to play before. 6. You will never be charged twice! Re-download of content is always free of charge.


We hope you enjoy your yoga practice with Gotta Joga app! Namaste.

3 comments on “frequently asked questions

  • Bonjour Julie!
    Nous sommes en train de tester la version Android de notre application de yoga !

    Pour l’instant, l’app n’est pas encore sur le Play Store, mais on peut vous donner accès si vous nous communiquez l’email que vous utilisez dans le Play Store.

    Pour l’instant tout le contenu est en accès libre (vs une grande partie des séances uniquement pour les abonnés quand on lancera officiellement).

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