sitting forwardbendWe received a question from our user regarding the sitting forward bend. We would like to share the response of our yoga teacher Anu Visuri with all of you.



I am (still) very stiff and in the sitting forward bend have trouble in bending forward (if at all). I am already sitting on a pillow, but my feeling is that my back is not really straight and that I am not seated comfortably. What should I pay attention to in this pose, so that I don’t cause any harm to my sacrum or back?



Great that you are already sitting on a pillow! That makes the position easier for you back. In the forward bend the back is naturally round. That is good as your back needs to know this movement too.

What is important though is that you have your spine on a long natural curve and that there is no hump in the upper back. The upper back, or the thoracic spine, is the stiffest part of our spinal column. When both the upper back and the back of the thighs are not flexible, the lower back has a lot of movement to do. That results to pressure on the lower vertebra, which can be harmful and we would like to avoid.

pinterest-paschimottasana-seatedforwardbend-strapMaybe you have a strap?

It doesn’t have to be a specific yoga strap, a bathrobe belt does to job as well. Place the strap around the tops of your feet, just underneath the toes. Hold with your hands at the end of the strap. Lengthen your spine. Stretch the legs as good as you can, yet pay attention that your knees stay slightly bent. Keep your front thighs strong. Press the balls of your feet against the strap and pull slightly with your hands towards yourself. At the same time press your chest against you legs and pull the shoulders back,so that your upper back becomes longer. With the time you can carefully walk your hands towards your feet while holding the strap, but take your time!

Hopefully our explanation was helpful!

Happy bending!

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3 comments on “Too stiff for a sitting forward bend ?

  • That was useful as I have two disc bulges L5/S1 region there are times when my legs and hip are affected, which are more frequent now. Some gentle stretches strengthening Yoga is what I feel I could benefit from. It’s the stiffness that’s the worse thing though

    • Hi Cat.
      Thank you for your comment. Glad you are finding relief from yoga. A kind reminder from our yoga teacher to you is to do downward facing dog and cobra poses (in the Gotta Joga beginner program). Avoid doing too many forward bends! Listen to your body and ask your doctor for guidance! Kind Regards, the Gotta Joga Team

  • Hi Cat Lloyd! Thanks for reading our blog and finding it helpful. If there are some other questions on your mind, dont hesitate to send them to Our yoga teacher is happy to help you with your yoga practice..

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