New release GOTTA JOGA, April 2nd

Dear Gotta Joga users,

in this new update we combine new yoga programs with new graphics and new app features.

We are introducing a new program called Office Worker Yoga currently made of two classes for those who spend most of the day in the office (or home during these days) without the possibility of moving around. The first class is a dynamic one-hour vinyasa yoga class to awaken muscles, create strength and open your shoulders. The second class is a 25-minute restorative class to open your hips and let go after a long, stressful day. The program is created by Vanessa de Haas, a vinyasa yoga teacher living in France.


Only for IOS users (IPhone and IPad): We introduce a new feature in the app that allows you to log in using your Apple ID. We have also changed the user interface for the “My Yoga” page. Thanks to the new horizontal graphics at the top of the page I can see the classes of my current yoga program while at the bottom of the page I can see some recommendations for classes to practice based on my level and previous experience.

If you have ideas to improve or would like to leave a comment write us an email to

Good practice with Gotta Joga!


The Gotta Joga Team


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