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Why practise yoga in the morning?

Gotta Joga’s morning practice gives you the best start for the day. The poses in the sequence provide you with an energy boost, which keeps you going all day long.

Most of the poses in this sequence are inversions, like downward facing dog and forward bend. That means that your head is lower than your heart.

Four major systems in the body are positively influenced:

1. cardiovascular (your heart gets healthier and stronger)

2. lymphatic (your immune system becomes stronger),

3. nervous (less stress)

4. endocrine (more balance within the body’s hormonal system).

Generally, these poses improve health, reduce anxiety and stress and increase self-confidence as well as mental power.

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morning yoga practice in gotta joga app

There are also two balance poses in the sequence, the tree pose and the headstand. Both of them increase the ability to balance, not only through your body, but also mentally and emotionally. When you find the balance on the mat, you will find it easier off the mat in different situations in life.

The rounds of sun salutation before the final relaxation increase the benefits of the poses. The final relaxation, or savasana, ensures that the good energy stays with you through the whole day.

Gotta Joga morning yoga practices help your body and mind to wake up in the morning and get positive energy for the day. Choose a practice that you like from 5 minutes to a bit over half an hour!


Text: Anu Visuri


Images: Gotta Joga and Shutterstock (copyright: Yellowj)

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