Kati’s sauna pier on board of lake Päijänne in Finland


Kati – Gotta Joga user from Finland


My name is Kati. I am 43 years and from Espoo, Finland. Yoga is well-being and time for myself. I started four years ago from hatha yoga. The first step was to concentrate to myself, empty the mind and do what the body feels like. Not to do the poses perfectly and in full speed. Three years ago I did an ashtanga course and I got hooked. My mind and body notice if I have not done the practice. It needs it weekly. Through ashtanga my body is more flexible and neck-shoulder pain has almost diminished. I also practice yoga when travelling.

I have used the Gotta Joga application on weekends and summertime at our cottage. I actually try to yoga every day during afternoon. I have tried the application even with my husband on a sauna pier. I like to use the iPad version with bigger picture.


What I like in the application?

– All the morning practices

– The Finnish voice. The tune and the speed is good. Peaceful mood is important.

– It is easy to use. Practical.

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