Invite a friend to practice yoga with Gotta Joga. Win a yearly subscription for both of you!

To celebrate the launch of Gotta Joga Android version, we invite you and a friend to try out Gotta Joga.

Every day for two weeks from September 29h to October 13th, 2017, we will award a 1-year subscription to a pair of users⭑

How to participate in the Competition:

  1. Send a message to a friend to invite her/him to join the competition with you
  2. Your friend (and yourself) should download Gotta Joga app from  Google Play or Apple App Store.
  3. Once you and your friend have downloaded the application, you should both send a message to us through the Feedback link in your Gotta Joga app (click “Settings” 🔩 on the top right corner, then “Feedback”✉️) with both your e-mail addresses and names. You will also need to mention #gottajogaandroid so that we can add your names to the draw.
  4. Every day during 14 days award period we will draw a a winning pair, both of whom will receive the yearly subscription.
  5. We will post the names of winners on the Gotta Joga Instagram and Facebook page as well as inform the winners personally.


What is Gotta Joga for Android?

The Gotta Joga for Android includes Yoga Programs with 13 different yoga programs and 100 yoga practices. They range from free Beginner or Advanced programs to Pranayama & Meditation (breathing),  programs for different times of the day (Morning, Day, Evening) and Hip Opener and Core Strength programs for advanced yogi(ni)s.

You will also find the Gotta Joga Blog in the Android app with articles on yoga and nutrition relevant to our users as well as actual news about Gotta Joga updates.

There is also our beloved Yoga Tree which grows from a small plant into a full blown tree and brings with it wisdom to your yoga practice.

⭑applies when at least 5 pairs participate per day, otherwise draw will be made between consequent 5 pairs







2 comments on “Participate in Gotta Joga competition and win a subscription for you and your friend!

    • Hi Nina!
      PLease invite your friends to try out Gotta Joga.
      Our competition for winning yearly subscriptions is however over for the time being.
      Kind Regards, the Gotta Joga Team

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